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Welcome to GUHDO!
GUHDO - 100 years of quality and reliability

During the last century family-owned enterprise GUHDO has developed into an international enterprise. The basis for GUHDO's success is the family spirit in its globally operating organization. Traditional values and experiences complement each other and result in a dialogue between the generations and new ideas and thoughts.
Our employees build a highly qualified and dedicated team.
Even in today's time of information exchange, we continue to cherish personal contact with our customers.
These factors combined with our company's philosophy have contributed to company's success.

The reasons why you should choose GUHDO
Key facts at one glance:

- Experience (national and international)
- High quality standard
- Up-to-date technology
- Reliability
- Excellent service delivery discipline

For more details on our products contact us or register
here. We are looking forward to hearing from you.

Your benefits
Experience & motivation determine our thinking

We are proud to say that our company has developed and implemented an extremely valuable know-how. Our employees are constantly being trained, which enables them to work at the cutting-edge of technology.
Furthermore, they bring along a distinctive interest for development and continual improvement of our products. Our company places emphasis on prompt completion of orders and satisfaction of our customers. Custom-designed products are not something of a rarity, but almost an everyday individually customized procedure.

The new catalog
Customized Tools
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Benefit from our experience in the field of customized tools.
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